‘Customers will feel blindsided’: IBM hoists UK software prices by 24 per cent

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by | November 25, 2022

IBM is hoisting its UK software prices by nearly a quarter, in a move critics claims will drive customers into the arms of competitors.

In an announcement earlier this week, Big Blue confirmed it will be adjusting prices in select currencies in January 2023 for all Passport Advantage Perpetual, Subscription License, Monthly License, Fixed Term Licenses, Appliances, and SaaS Products.

Customers in the UK, as well as across the eurozone and several other countries, face rises of 24 per cent.

These increases supersede those announced in September (which CRN understands to have been eight per cent for the UK), IBM stressed.
‘Budget-killing increase’

The move immediately drew stinging criticism from the software asset management community for causing chaos for IBM software customers planning their budgets for 2023 and beyond.

Rich Gibbons, ITAM services director at independent asset management analyst ITAM Review (pictured below), feared that the move could backfire for IBM by pushing customers to look at third-party support options or alternative products.


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