Cut Costs by Analysing and Optimising Licences, Migrations and Power

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by | January 16, 2015

Many companies fail to rigorously assess the business value that will result from IT projects, such as migrations, prior to undertaking the project. “Most vendors will tell you they’ll save you money, but nobody goes back and actually proves it”, says Nick Milne-Home, COO of 1E. In 2013 1E implemented a new methodology: Analyse, Optimise, Realise (AOR) – to help customers identify the value of IT projects they undertake.

– Analyse – financial analysts assess waste and overspend across the IT infrastructure.
– Optimise – the financial analysts’ reports are benchmarked against KPIs.
– Realise – streamlined and optimised asset management solutions are implemented.

For 18 months, 1E has been using AOR methodology and has been collecting data on its customers’ results:

– Software licence optimisation provides significant savings and efficiencies.
– Companies look at migration projects as an opportunity to upgrade entire infrastructures.
– Energy use continues to be an area to allow evaluation of the use of IT assets.

Comprehensive assessment and optimisation has saved 1E customers over $125 million over 18 months and they are able to identify specific cost savings.


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