by | July 6, 2016

An ELP, whilst an important step in developing a SAM plan, is a static document. The production of your ELP will typically have involved creating a baseline that includes:

  • Standardizing software titles – so everyone has the same version
  • Centralizing software purchasing – to keep it under control and organized
  • Retiring obsolete software – to ensure you are not over-licensing and to avoid unnecessary maintenance costs

But, importantly it also puts you in a position to optimize your license position (OLP) so your organization can maximize the full benefit from your SAM program, saving money, freeing up IT resources and delivering an ROI.

Important steps in this process include:

Analyzing your software needs going forward

It’s important to determine which software titles your company really needs. Work with key people and employees in each department to clarify what software their employees require in order to get their jobs done.



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