Don’t Think that Because Adobe is Stopping Auditing you can Forget SAM

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by | September 13, 2016

It has been widely reported by Gartner research director Stephen White, that Adobe is stopping license audits in Europe. This follows on from similar decisions made in America and Asia/Pacific last November. Adobe confirmed that it will maintain audit/ compliance programming only in select markets throughout APAC. This news, coupled with Microsoft dropping their Software Asset Management (SAM) competency for partners, has led some to think that SAM is no longer needed. This has come as a surprise to some as until recently Adobe was one of the top five most active auditing software publishers.

After all, if 2 of the ‘mega vendors’ in the licensing arena are effectively acknowledging that they view their future as subscription-based licensing in the cloud, …then what do you do? Why do you need SAM when there is no change of you being non-compliant?



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