An Effective SAM Practice is Lead from the Trenches, Not from the Sideline

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by | March 21, 2016

A plethora of online information is available to help companies prepare for a formal software audit. Of course, the best approach is to have a proactive Software Asset Management (SAM) program in place prior to an audit starting, but what if you don’t? Even with a proactive SAM program in place, audits can still bring surprises. So how do you plan for every possibility? This is where many companies find that professional software audit support services help the most.

For most companies, undergoing a publisher audit is more than “just business.”

Through my prior experience working for a software publisher, I completely understand the need to perform software audits. Software publishers not only have a legal right to protect their intellectual property and revenue, but they also have a legal responsibility to their shareholders to do so. These facts do very little to ease the fears and discontent of customers undergoing the audit. It really is just business, and yes, for the publishers, it is necessary.



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