by | September 22, 2016

In the following article, Jarod Greene, VP of Product Marketing at Cherwell Software and former Gartner IT service management (ITSM) industry analyst, discusses eight steps to achieve IT service management excellence. With more than 12 years of ITSM industry experience, Jarod understands the market from the vendor, end-user, customer, and analyst perspectives. His proficiency in IT service support management processes, organizational structures, and technology is sought after for speaking engagements, customer consultations, and product development. He has published numerous white papers, research articles, and blogs, and delivers innovative IT-focused presentations at events around the world.

To remain relevant in our fast paced, ever changing technological world, modern day business has had to adopt and perfect modern, agile methods to efficiently manage the delivery of IT services to its business customers. To solve this information dissemination and management dilemma, two acronyms are often used when discussing how to meet customer’s exponentially increasing demands, ITSM (IT service management) and ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library).



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