EMA Releases New Research on IT Service Management (ITSM)

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by | April 13, 2015

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), a leading IT and data management research and consulting firm, today released a new research report entitled “What is the Future of IT Service Management?,” based on criteria defined by Dennis Drogseth, vice president of research, EMA.

ITSM is, like many terms in service management, one that carries with it a diverse identity. On the one hand, ITSM is often linked to old-guard values associated with elaborate, time-consuming processes for managing change and traditional forms of governance. On the other hand, some view ITSM as a dynamic center for expanding IT value, in combination with operations, development, and business stakeholders.

Can both views be right? The answer to this question will depend on who is asked. EMA, however, supports the latter view—that IT service management is needed more than ever as IT seeks to become a truly service-aware, business-aligned, enterprise-facing organization. This view is in opposition to technologists isolated in silos who define their value almost exclusively in terms of “things” rather than the people they serve.

“Research is always an exploration—you never know for sure just what you’ll find. So it was exciting to see how strongly this research data reinforces the value of a more progressive and transformative approach to ITSM technologies, processes, and organizational interactions across all of IT,” said Drogseth.

SOURCE: virtual-strategy.com


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