End of Life as a Service – And you thought The Cloud Might Kill SAM?!

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by | April 11, 2016

Please have a read of this article – it makes for fascinating reading.  The article discusses at length the particular dilemma of an individual who has a “house management system” which looks after all the internet of things devices in his house, with some being more mechanical than others.  The problem that this chap faces is that because the hms software is also cloud based, it is being terminated – not replaced, but terminated, and that has him re-joining the pre-IoT era (like the majority of us, I suspect).

While the more cynical of us might be thinking “suck it up, cup-cake!” this should act as an alarm bell to those who might believe that The Cloud is the silver bullet to our SAM and IT operational woes.

The article brings into sharp focus the need to have our SAM efforts aligned to our Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery planning – have we given reasonable thought to alternative service provision if elements of our IT are suddenly withdrawn?

If you feel you need help bridging the gap between SAM & BCM/DR then SAM Charter is well placed to get your SAM focus where it needs to be looking.


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