Ensuring Your Assets Do Not Become Your Liabilities

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by | October 21, 2014

Ever-evolving technology has drastically changed the way businesses manage their software assets. Software asset management (SAM) is a set of proven processes and procedures to manage and optimize your organization’s IT assets. SAM helps companies protect software investments by enabling the organization to recognize what software it has, where the software is running and whether or not the organization is using all software assets efficiently.

Five years ago, even some of the largest companies did not necessarily place a high priority on SAM outside of taking inventory for compliance purposes. But the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality of the past no longer applies. Amid tightening budgets, organizations are re-evaluating the importance of actively monitoring current software assets.

The emergence of trends such as cloud computing, mobility and virtualization has propelled SAM into the forefront of the software purchasing process. Due to these advances in technology, SAM has evolved into a more robust process involving software, multiple-use rights and compliance. Addressing these key components is a critical step toward increasing efficiency and mitigating risk.

SOURCE: cio.com


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