Enterprise Licensing Agreement: Renewal Top Tips

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by | October 22, 2014

Most large organisations undergo significant changes such as mergers, acquisition, consolidation and increased personnel. These are changes that a company will naturally absorb, but how much time, if any, is given to the increase, decrease or audit of existing software licenses to embrace these changes?

Renewals are often agreed with little consideration to what the true want of a company is. If it’s in the budget then it must be okay? This is a costly attitude. We see, almost daily, that large enterprises can save, on average, 25% of their software budgets just by understanding what their REAL software requirements are.

Healthy, clean data is the key to understanding the exact software license requirements of an organisation. Tools exist that will do part of the job of discovering a company’s licensing needs, but they are only computer programs and source information with no understating.

What’s needed is a vendor-independent Enterprise Software Optimisation (ESO) expert to discover what you have and what you need.


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