Excel software ships cloud license 1.1 with new servers and development tools

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by | July 9, 2015

Excel Software today announced the Cloud License 1.1 API supported by new server and runtime software.  Cloud License consists of URL commands to activate, validate, release, restore and reset a software license.

Supported license types include Product, Time-Limited, Execution-Limited, Date-Limited and Subscription Licenses.  New commands were added in Cloud License 1.1 to support time-limited Trial licenses that can be transitioned to a Product or Subscription license with Serial Number activation.  Other API enhancements include license status, customer search and server logging features from the protected application.

Cloud License is supported by two activation servers, Safe Activation Service 3 and Cloud License Server.  Safe Activation is an online service where a developer logs into a Vendor account and fills in some screens with data about each product they sell.  That product data is linked to a batch of Serial Numbers and a customized license activation screen.

SOURCE: whatech.com


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