EXIN and ITAMOrg Launch IT Asset Management Certification

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by | February 4, 2016

The global exam institute EXIN expands its Security Portfolio with the new certification EXIN ITAMOrg IT Asset Management Foundation. This new certification is the first that will go live and is part of a complete program that has been developed in partnership with ITAMOrg, the international professional member organization and thought leader in the area of IT Asset Management.

Trends like Cloud, Mobile, Social, Bring-Your-Own-Device, Consumerization of IT, Bring-Your-Own-Application and Big Data have created significant shifts in the way businesses operate and are often key for innovations.  IT Asset Management helps organizations keep a firm grip on their businesses and most valuable assets.

Value of the program

The new certification enables management to have a grip on IT asset lifecycle management. The certification program is based on standards like ISO 55000, ISO 19770 and has a clear link with best practices in Service Management.

Bernd Taselaar, CEO of EXIN:

“Governance is an important part of managing corporate risk. IT Asset Management plays an important role in ensuring effective governance, as it enables an organization to have control of all types of assets, including infrastructure, human resources, information and services.”

EXIN ITAMOrg IT Asset Management certification program

This new Foundation exam is the first certification in a complete EXIN ITAMOrg IT Asset Management program. Later this year, two specialist exams with a focus on Software Asset Management and on Hardware Asset Management will be launched by EXIN. The new certification is an addition to EXIN’s Governance and (cyber)Security Portfolio, which includes certifications such as Ethical Hacking, Secure Programming, Business Continuity Management, Data Privacy and Information Security.


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