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by | December 30, 2016

IT ASSET MANAGEMENT is an important element in business strategy: it enables cost control, risk reduction and it maximizes business value in the IT asset lifecycle. In today’s reality ICT is everywhere and businesses are increasingly reliant upon ICT not only to support the core business processes, but sometimes even as a core part of the business processes themselves.

Because of this, ICT is shifting its role from that of support function to that of a key enabler of business innovation and opportunity. Recent developments which play an important role in this development are the growing importance and impact of Cloud, Mobile, Social, Big Data and Bring your own Device. We expect to be able to do business anytime, anywhere whether we are at the office, at home or on the move.

Organizations are under increasing pressure to demonstrate that they have the necessary structures in place to ensure that they have control over their assets and business processes. Not having a plan in place to safeguard material investments can ultimately cost a company money and decrease revenue. IT Asset Management plays an important role in ensuring effective governance, as it enables an organization to have control of all types of assets, including software, infrastructure, human resources, information and services. You know what you have and are able to quickly and easily find, manage, customize and report on networked hardware and installed software.

EXIN offers a complete certification program for IT Asset Management in partnership with ITAMorg, the international professional member organization and thought leader in the area of IT Asset Management.


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