Are you Exposing Yourself? Why Cyber Security and ITSM Need to Join Forces

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by | March 21, 2016

On Thursday this week, I delivered a presentation at Service Manager Dag in Utrecht.  My aim was to convince the service managers in attendance that cyber security isn’t someone else’s problem, so we looked at:

  • The current threat landscape
  • What does it mean for ITSM?
  • What RESILIA is, and how it can help

To help convince my audience that security is now everybody’s business, I shared some statistics:

  • 73% of large organizations suffered from infection by viruses or malicious software in the past year
    (BIS, 2014 Information Security Breaches Survey)
  • 37.3 million users experience phishing
    attacks in 2013
    (Kapersky Lab)
  • 50% of users open emails and click on phishing
    links with the first hour
    (Verizon 2015 data breach investigations report)
  • It takes just 82 seconds for the first bite to be taken of a phishing campaign       (Verizon 2015 data breach investigations report)



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