Free Webinar: 5 Steps To Managing Cloud Services & Subscriptions

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by | November 22, 2016

On Wednesday November 30th, Vector will be hosting a free 30-minute webinar outlining 5 steps to better managing cloud services and subscriptions.

The webinar will demonstrate how IT managers can use various IT management processes in order to gain visibility of all cloud subscriptions and prevent shadow IT. Unauthorized cloud service signups are common within the organization, yet difficult to track – only about 8% of firms do so. These 5 steps will assist your organization in avoiding signups that are not authorized by IT, as well as tracking & storing subscriptions information properly.

Topics will include the following:

  • Using an asset request portal
  • Ensuring multi-layered approvals for cloud subscription requests
  • Implementing a central repository for subscription information
  • Using role-based provisioning to assign the right cloud services

The webinar will be held on November 30th at 11am EST / 4pm GMT. If you’d like to learn about improving your cloud subscription management, REGISTER HERE!

All registrants will receive a copy of the recording, so please feel free to register even if you can’t attend.



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