Gartner Adds Software License Optimization as an IT Services Management “Asset Class” in New Report

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by | September 1, 2015

Gartner has just published a new report, IT Market Clock for ITSM 2.0, in which Software License Optimization solutions are called out as an ITSM “asset class,” and Flexera Software is referenced as one of the Software License Optimization tool providers in this space.  This is Gartner’s first ITSM 2.0 Market Clock, which is now one of the three categories into which they have divided the whole of IT Operations Management.  The report illustrates the relative market maturity/commoditization levels of the asset classes in ITSM 2.0.  Some highlights from the report, below.

This is the first year that Software License Optimization has been added to a Gartner Market Clock, and has specifically been added as an asset class of IT Service Management (ITSM) 2.0.  Asset classes in this report are those tools that support maturing ITSM implementations for organizations transitioning from a reactive to proactive service orientation.



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