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Gartner Business Intelligence, Analytics & Information Management Summit


From BI and IM fundamentals to embracing new technologies — including organizational change, essential new skills and roles, the latest best practices and what it takes to lead the way — Gartner Business Intelligence, Analytics & Information Management Summit will cover everything you need to know to seize the opportunities ahead.

Crossing the Analytical Divide: New Technologies, New Skills

As all industries make the transition to the world of digital business, organizations can maximize value from better Information Management practices through innovation, value creation, efficiency and risk mitigation. An information strategy tuned for the challenges of digital business is the key to success.

The digital divide separated people into those who had access to the internet and those who did not. Now businesses can be separated into those who take analytics to the next level, and those who are stuck with management reporting; the analytical divide. Organizations that take analytics to the next level go beyond internal management reporting. They apply their analytics to their business model.

When: 23-24th February
Where: Sydney, Australia


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