German User Group Bashes Oracle Over Licensing

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by | February 27, 2015

After getting it in the neck from UK body the Campaign for Clear Licensing (CCL), Oracle has been blasted again over its licensing processes and communications, this time by an independent German user group.

DOAG, which has more than 4,500 members, today issued a statement supporting an open letter CCL wrote to Oracle’s Larry Ellison last month after research it carried out found the database and ERP giant had the most hostile and confusing licensing policies of any major vendor.

Some 92 per cent of IT managers CCL surveyed felt that Oracle does not clearly communicate licensing changes. Meanwhile, 88 per cent said Oracle’s audit requests were unclear, while only 22 per cent regarded Oracle’s License Management Service as being helpful during licence renewals and negotiations.

In its open letter, CCL urged Oracle to adopt seven recommendations to help improve trust and communication with its customers.

Dietmar Neugebauer, chairman of DOAG, said his group – which is one of the largest of its kind in the world – “generally supports” all seven points.

“In particular in areas such as communication and information there is still room for improvement,” he said.



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