Getting SAM in the Right Order

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by | August 28, 2015

Scope is an often over-looked aspect of SAM programmes – at least for those not compelled upon organisations to rebuff a software vendor audit.

The typical approach will be to go through a process of identification; recognising what software titles are installed, what platforms they are on and then looking to find the contracts, licences and purchase records to justify those installs with a view to either removing those instances that are deemed unnecessary, or buying licences for those installs deemed business-worthy.

The previous paragraph is a summation of implementing SAM, and those couple of sentences hide a multitude of activities that when applied to an enterprise organisation, can keep a sizeable team of personnel fully engaged for months at a time. Such efforts can be draining and if being tackled for the first time could have programme managers and senior management alike questioning the value to the business when comparing reports to the effort involved.

Surely there has to be a better way? Do we really need to suck in vast quantities of data in an effort to determine the next steps in managing our IT estate like a blue whale at lunchtime?



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