Getting to Grips with Managing Your Software Assets.

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by | June 3, 2015

Organisations are wasting billions of Euros in technology investment every year, with 88 percent of surveyed firms admitting that they do not completely utilise their investments in business software.* As companies become more and more reliant on software, the daunting task of accurately tracking software assets for usage and licensing is becoming a huge challenge for IT departments.

Many departments who are given the task of managing SAM (Software Asset Management) simply view it as a chore that has to be completed in order to run license compliance reports, so software asset management is often not carried out properly or proficiently.  Due to these misconceptions around SAM, many organisations cannot visualise the full extent of their software real estate – or understand how they can build and implement SAM into their overall application strategy and to what advantage?

SAM is often depicted as a highly automated turnkey solution.  Whilst this is certainly the goal of a compelling SAM strategy, the truth is that managing software and license entitlements is a complex one that requires a blend of human intervention, processes and technology. 




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