Global digital asset management market and industry forecasts to 2020 shared in new research report

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by | July 20, 2015

The digital asset management market is growing with a considerable rate due to rising demand for collaborative digital workflows, escalating the need for compliance with regulatory standards and mounting concerns about misplaced data and loss. Growing demand for integrated solutions pertaining to marketing initiatives and mounting requirements for software as a service (SaaS) based solutions are some of the factors providing opportunities for the digital asset management market to grow with a significant rate in the coming years.

Adoption of mobile devices has raised the propagation of content generation and increasing internet usage globally. The extensive production of data comprising web based and native data has amplified the demand for streamlining the secured data access and its management across distinct organizations, as the organizational content needs efficient handling and storage for future reference.

Furthermore, businesses are generating YouTube clips, diverse corporate podcasts and videos, brand identity graphics, e-Learning modules, and training material. In addition, companies get a return on investments in the digital asset management system since they are enabled to remove the redundant generation activities with the retrieval of particular assets.



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