Got a killer Microsoft or Oracle cloud deal? Start sweating

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by | March 25, 2015

Feeling pressured? A sense you’re being rushed into something you’re not sure about? Or, perhaps, you have a nagging feeling about that free gift you accepted. That sensation is your IT supplier pushing you into their cloud.

Oracle and Microsoft, two of the biggest names in corporate IT, have been left standing by the success of Amazon AWS and Salesforce. They are now making up for lost time, puffing to catch up as they build cloud-based versions of their applications sold under new subscription-based licenses.

And they are coming at you with all kinds of fantastic offers to make up the sales gap.

It’s working: Oracle and Microsoft claim their cloud businesses are booming, or, at least, growing faster than their businesses. Well, growing.

Oracle last week reported a 33 per cent increase in total cloud revenue, to $527m for the three months to February 28 – that’s for Infrastructure, Platform and Software as a Service. Microsoft claimed commercial cloud revenue grew by 114 per cent in its three months to December 31, driven by Office 365, Azure and Dynamics CRM Online.



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