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by | May 19, 2016

We have noticed that here seems to be an increasing misunderstanding in the market about certain vendor tools being ‘certified’ by Oracle, IBM and Microsoft. Whether this is through genuine mistake or a deliberate attempt to misrepresent the facts, we don’t know. But the fact is that there are no vendor certifications for software licence management tools. So, any organization that is presenting this to you as a fact needs to be treated with suspicion.


Oracle’s License Management Services (LMS) does actually list a number of tool vendors on its Web page but a close study of the actual words framing this list is worth the time. We include below the exact words from here:

“Tools from the following vendors have been verified to provide the required data set to supplement a LMS engagement. The scope of the verification process only covers the data collection related to the installation and usage of specific Oracle products, namely Oracle Database and the associated Options. The verification does not include any other Oracle products or the overall capabilities of the vendor’s solution. LMS will accept data from any of these tools as an alternative to installing LMS measurement tools.



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