Growing Confidently with Software Asset Management

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by | November 19, 2015

Software asset management, also commonly referred to as SAM, is a process that relates to every organization across the U.S., regardless of its employee size or revenue.

While it’s a best practice in the industry and a scalable foundation for growth, it still only exists within a small silo of an organization—usually IT. Since SAM can be complex to manage, especially if you’re lacking the right knowledge or resources, you may be wondering a) how do I start? and b) why is it necessary?

What is software asset management’s role within the enterprise?

The proactive side

“Inaccurate inventory, wasted resources, compliance issues, and service delays are all everyday risks for enterprises that have serious consequences if not addressed,” writes the staff at ServiceNow. In order to mitigate common risks the enterprise will ultimately face, organizations must have a 360-degree view and understanding of its assets.



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