by | August 26, 2015

Software audit is usually carried out by large scale companies. When customers pay for software, it is their right to ask questions and get satisfactory response. There are basically two kinds of audits, known as:

Software Assessment Management or SAM
Legal Contracts & Compliance or LLC

SAM is a kind of audit that makes certain whether customers are in compliance or not. If the answer is negative, the company is expected to work with its customers to achieve the target. SAM is also known as “self-audit”, as customers are directed to fill forms to provide detail of software and evaluate it with other software they have purchased earlier.

Many companies are given licensing agreements or deals to fulfil their compliance mandate. Customers, who have used SAM audit process, state that it is supportive when they make fair attempts to becoming compliant. Your contribution in self audit is voluntary; however, if you choose not to participate, an alternate form of audit is offered.



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