Half of Companies Unprepared for IT Disaster

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by | April 20, 2015

More than half (54%) of companies will not be ready in the event of a major IT incident, according to a new poll by IT educator and consultant Sysop. Respondents reported that they were ‘poorly prepared’ (15%) or ‘only prepared for some eventualities’ (39%) should a major incident occur.

A third of those polled (33%) said they ‘need to do more to align their IT with the business’, with 4% admitting that their IT-business alignment was ‘poor’. Almost two in 10 also reported that management had ‘no understanding’ (5%) or a ‘poor understanding’ (14%) of the importance of IT to the business.

Professional IT development is another problem highlighted by Sysop’s poll: 37% of respondents rated their organisation as ‘could do better’ (33%) or ‘poor’ (4%) in the development of IT professionals.

SOURCE: worksmanagement.co.uk


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