Hard Drive Destruction Methods and Keeping Corporate Data Secure During IT Asset Disposal

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by | April 22, 2016

If your business is planning a large technology refresh, a data center upgrade for virtualization, or are downsizing employees odds are you are finding the need to dispose of surplus computers in a secure manner.

One of the largest risks during computer liquidation, pc recycling, or IT asset disposition of any type is handling the data destruction to properly mitigate any possibility of a data breach.   However, with a strong plan and focused management of the data sanitization and hard drive disposal project data security can be smoothly ensured.

I recommend all companies to handle the DoD wiping or sanitization of hard drives before disposing of any equipment.  Wiping hard drives refers to a process where the drives are overwritten with a series of binary code that renders the path to the data unrecoverable.  The problem for large organizations is that wiping hundreds or thousands of machines is not practical for the office’s power setups, staffing, or day to day operations.
Mobile shredding or pulverizing of electronic storage media is a becoming a more common approach.

SOURCE: thesequitur.com


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