Why is IT Held to a Higher Standard in the Organization?

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by | May 6, 2016

Information Technology, or “IT” as we’ve come to know and love, has been an integral part of businesses since the days of computers consuming entire rooms. But, the transition that occurred from decades ago and the days of those huge computers to, most recently, tablets and mobile devices, has altered the view of how IT is perceived within an organization. What was once a time of everything being fresh, new, and so technical that an expert was required, quickly shifted over the last decade or so to a time where everyone is “the expert,” working to resolve technical mishaps on their own.

As this shift occurred, the perception of IT became something of a cost center — what some would almost call a burden on the enterprise. The department was there to help keep the lights on, provide maintenance on the tools that the organization was using, and ensure that there was as little downtime as possible for users. To manage expectations, IT turned into a department of analytics, tracking anything and everything to show ROI, growth, and successes. But, the real question is why does IT seem to have to prove it’s worth more than any other team within an organization? Every single team/department provides a service to internal or external customers, but they don’t seem to have to meet the same stringent metrics as IT.

SOURCE: samanage.com


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