How can the Talent Shortage in the SAM Sector be Addressed? #SAMPanel

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by | July 28, 2015

Welcome to the latest edition of our SAMPanel, the monthly SAMChannel feature where we pose a question to some of the leading figures within the Software Asset Management sector.

We invite our panellists to share their thoughts with the wider SAM community.

SAMChannel is very pleased to welcome two new faces to the SAMPanel, Chuck Fried, President and CEO of TxMQ and Peter Beruk, ITAM Subject Matter Expert with 1E alongside regular panellists Sherry Irwin (TAM Inc.), Rory Canavan (SAMCharter), Andre Rangel (HSCE) and Libby Phillipps (License Dashboard).

The question we asked this month focussed on the recruitment aspect of the SAM sector, ‘How can the talent shortage in the SAM Sector be addressed?’

See below our panellists response…

3b0acb5Peter Beruk | ITAM Subject Matter Expert at 1E | Connect with Peter

It is no wonder there is a talent shortage in the SAM sector given all of the demands SAM managers endure on a daily basis. Some of those issues (I’m sure you will think of others) include making sense of vague licence agreement terminology, ensuring license compliance, reclaim of unused software, vendor audits, shadow IT and let’s not forget, supporting the daily demands of the business.

Read Peter’s Full Submission Here


0d9c6b8Chuck Fried | President and CEO of TxMQ | Connect with Chuck

As a businessman, and business owner for many years, the topic of talent shortage is near and dear to my heart. One of the divisions within TxMQ provides staffing solutions for companies, so I spend quite a bit of time dealing with the business realities of talent shortages – or talent gaps, as I like to call them. A talent shortage implies a reality we can’t really speak to as an absolute fact.

Read Chuck’s Full Submission Here


Rory CanavanRory Canavan | Owner of SAM Charter | Twitter | LinkedIn

Fresh blood in the world of SAM is a rarity, and it’s unfortunate too, as SAM is the obverse side of how the software industry makes money (increasingly though, it is being used as a revenue driver through audits). I believe the SAM industry is waking up to the notion that it needs new employees, and in finally coming round to the notion that it has to practice what it preaches i.e. doing nothing is not an option.

Read Rory’s Full Submission Here


Libby PhillippsLibby Phillipps | Marketing and Events Co-ordinator with License Dashboard | Connect with Libby

IT Asset Management is a niche, which really makes SAM a sub-niche. It seems now that more organizations are becoming aware of the implications of a software audit – or the implications of a failed software audit – and so are taking steps to invest in SAM rather than risk the cost associated with non-compliance. Instead of stretching internal resources, organizations seek specialist professionals for SAM as they understand that an IT Professional is not the same as a SAM Manager.

Read Libby’s Full Submission Here


Sherry IrwinRSherry Irwin | President and Principal Consultant at Technology Asset Management | Connect with Sherry

SAM talent requirements and sourcing depend, in part, on the nature of the SAM role within the SAM program. In particular, it is necessary to differentiate between roles related to IT/software asset tracking and IT/software asset management. Generally speaking:

Read Sherry’s Full Submission Here


Andre rangelAndré Rangel | Partner at HSCE Ltda. | Connect with André 

This is a very interesting question. I would like briefly to address the issue from another perspective, intrinsically linked to it, without which we can not find the basis to explain and justify any theory on the subject. Here in Brazil, particularly speaking, is still under development, the ‘sense of need‘ about Software Asset Management. There is actually lack of initiatives related to the implementation processes of Software Asset Management among companies of various sizes and sectors.

Read André’s Full Submission Here


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