by | October 22, 2015

To many of us in the IT industry, process is a “dirty word”, a necessary evil.  The word conjures up images of mindless IT bureaucrats more focused on forms than on getting things done.

Process is definitely not applicable to today’s world of ITSM SaaS tools (like ServiceNow, Cherwellor Easy Vista), or the fast paced environment of “agile development methodologies” – or is it?

How many times have I heard “we’re too busy to look at our service desk processes right now” or “Change Management will just slow us down” or “it’s a SaaS application, just turn it on”?

What many organizations fail to realize is that the reason they are so busy fighting fires, are swamped with failed changes, or are up to their neck in rework, is specifically because of lack of ITSM processes.



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