How to Maximise the Revenue Potential of the Internet of Things

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by | July 27, 2015

Hardware manufacturers will increasingly have little choice, but to transform their products into Internet-connected, software driven intelligent devices – in the face of the rapidly expanding Internet of Things trend.

But to profit from this business model transformation, device makers require systems in place to monetise the software applications they develop to power their devices and to protect their IP investment. Licensing and entitlement management is crucial.

Autonomous vehicles, commonly referred to as driverless cars, are a good example of software-centric business models where licensing and entitlement management plays a crucial role, for both the car manufacturers and the software suppliers to the industry.

Recently, Harbrick, the maker of a universal operating system for autonomous vehicles, has implemented licensing and entitlement management automation capabilities in its Polysync software. PolySync offers a set of software tools and services that make it easier to build advanced autonomous vehicles. Driverless cars run in complex environments that require real-time control of device sensors, communications and control systems.



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