How To Speak Microsoft: Use These Acronyms

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by | March 24, 2015

I’m not sure why Microsoft loves acronyms. Maybe it’s just the complexity of the business or the speed with which technology changes, but Microsoft seems to be one of the worst offenders in the technology industry.

We all know that understanding each other enhances trust and productivity. Knowing how to speak Microsoft will help your relationship. Here are some of the basic acronyms:

Partner Sales Executive (PSE) — Formerly known as a Partner Account Manager (PAM). These folks are responsible for partner engagement with Microsoft in the corporate account and small to midsize business (SMB) spaces. They manage a set of partners for a given geographic area. They’re typically paid on the overall sales performance of the geographic area, plus the impact they’re having on partners.

Reach, Frequency and Yield (RFY) — A relatively new measure of partner performance. It helps measure the number of active deals in the pipeline and what has been closed with a partner’s influence. RFY gives one of the first objective reviews of a partner’s performance. Pay close attention to it and ensure that your organization is being connected to the deals you’re impacting.



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