How to turn application spaghetti into tasty IT services

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by | June 26, 2015

The promise of IT service management is to deliver services that make sense to their business users. To do that, though, IT departments must be able to untangle their own internal resources.

IT services must be accessible in one place so that users can find them easily and administrators can manage them. And the back-end applications that support those services must themselves be easy to manage and clearly identifiable.

Sounds simple enough, right? Unfortunately, that is not the situation facing many IT departments today.

Employees can access services via a bewildering array of touchpoints, and admins are grappling with a spaghetti mix of applications at the back end. Both of these layers of complexity makes it difficult to offer the streamlined services that users are looking for.

How did we get here, and how can we change it?



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