HP, IBM, and Oracle have the oldest workforces in tech. Guess who has the youngest

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by | January 5, 2015

If you were under the impression that most employees at the biggest technology companies are in their early 20s, think again.

The median age of employees at most big tech firms is well over 30, according to data provided to VentureBeat by PayScale, a Seattle firm that compiles compensation data from millions of employees at thousands of companies. Indeed, Hewlett-Packard’s employees have a median age of 39.

Among big companies, the only ones that sneak in under 30 are LinkedIn and Salesforce, each with a median employee age of 29, Facebook, at 28, and AOL, at 27.

In the data, gathered throughout 2014, HP employees topped the list, at 39, while IBM and Oracle were next in line, both with median ages of 38, followed by Dell and Monster.com at 37; and Sony Electronics at 36.

Intel and Nokia employees had a median age of 34; Adobe, Microsoft, and Samsung came in at 33; eBay and Nvidia at 32; Apple, Amazon, and Yahoo at 31; and Google at 30.

SOURCE: venturebeat.com


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