IAITAM 2015 Spring ACE: San Diego, CA | April 28-30, 2015

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by | December 3, 2014

More than ever, effective IT Asset Management makes a decisive impact on bottom lines by increasing efficiency, reducing redundancy and minimizing risk. Nowhere is this more validated than in the combined savings conservatively estimated in the billions won by our members and certified professionals over the past twelve years, and we’re just getting started. The goal of the IAITAM Annual Conference and Exhibition has been to grow the ITAM practice through education and the most targeted networking since we started in 2002.

IT Asset Management delivers tangible benefits and savings but is still a best-kept secret for many. We have come a long way from being part of purchasing or help desk and are approaching acceptance as a core business competency. However, it remains up to us to drive ITAM to the next level—worldwide recognition of best practices, comprehensive benchmark assessment with demonstrated results easy for any CXO to embrace.

Starting early Tuesday, April 28th, you will find yourself in the midst of three action-packed, knowledge-laden days. IAITAM will treat you to mornings, afternoons and evenings filled with dynamic keynotes, education, networking, entertainment, exhibitions and delectable fare. Plot your own course through the over 50 educational sessions, covering ITAM best practices, case studies, standards, licensing and how-to information suited for all experience levels. The IAITAM 2015 Spring Annual Exhibition hosts ITAM industry sponsors and exhibitors ready to impart knowledge and advice or discuss industry tools and services. Providers from around the globe will be on-hand to answer all of your ITAM questions.

WHEN: April 28-30, 2015
WHERE: San Diego

SOURCE: iaitam.org


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