IBM License Management for Hot, Warm, and Cold Backup Servers

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by | July 28, 2015

As mentioned in the previous blog on this topic, I wanted to dive into the IBM vendor-specific case for managing licenses in hot, warm and cold backup servers. For its part, IBM has generally used the temperature based model for defining backup servers (Hot, Warm, and Cold). As described in the IBM Passport Advantage Distributed Software Licensing Guide:

“In cold and warm situations, a separate entitlement for the copy on the backup machine is typically not required and no additional charge applies. In a hot backup situation, the customer must acquire license entitlements sufficient for that machine. All programs running in backup mode must be solely under the customer’s control, even if running at another enterprise’s location. Any program’s unique terms would be documented in the program’s license information document.” 

“Doing work” includes, but is not limited to activities such as:



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