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by | February 24, 2016

Miro Consulting’s latest whitepaper, IBM Licensing Metrics (ILMT): Clarifying the Misconceptions & Anxieties, is now available to help IT Executives better understand IBM licensing and clarify how best to utilize IBM’s free licensing tool – ILMT.

Available free of charge to Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express customers, ILMT has generated a certain degree of confusion, misunderstanding and in some cases anxiety among IBM software users. This white paper addresses the pros and cons of ILMT and clarifies some of the remaining misconceptions and worries surrounding this tool, starting with a brief explanation of ILMT and the sub- capacity licensing model that inspired its creation.

The white paper outlines the following topics:

  •     Sub-capacity versus full capacity licensing
  •     Defining ILMT: A vital IBM licensing metric tool
  •     The Downside of Not Deploying ILMT
  •     ILMT Advantages
  •     ILMT Challenges and Exceptions

“IBM licensing is complex and when IT managers are unaware of the rules and exceptions, it can open them up to an long and expensive audit process,” said Scott Rosenberg, president and CEO, Miro Consulting. “This paper provides great insight into the use of IBM’s free tool and helps readers to determine how to use it properly in order to remain compliant.”

To request a free guide please click here.

Miro Consulting’s IBM Expert Sharon Trembley will be hosting a Live Q&A Webinar on February 23rd at 1:00 PM ET, where she will answer audience submitted questions on IBM licensing and audits. To register for this webinar please click here. Additional dates available as well.

Additional resources on IBM licensing, as well as Oracle and Microsoft, are available here.

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