IBM’s Licensing Practices Under Scrutiny

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by | February 11, 2015

Buying enterprise software is never easy. But the complexity and heavy-handedness that IBM and the other megavendors bring to software licensing and enforcement hurts everybody involved. That’s the opinion of the Campaign for Clear Licensing, which recently announced that it is going to step up its analysis of Big Blue’s licensing practices.

The Campaign for Clear Licensing (CCL) last month announced that it is stepping up its research of IBM and SAP software licensing strategies in hopes of helping customers navigate overly complex structures and pressuring the vendors into simplifying their policies. To that end, the UK-based firm held a confidential roundtable with the goal of getting customers to come forward about SAP and IBM software licensing and audit practices at their own firms.

CCL chairman and founder Martin Thompson says the new attention his organization will pay IBM and SAP comes in addition to continued focus on Oracle, which has been a target of licensing concerns for many years.



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