Implementing SAM Policies and Procedures

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by | April 18, 2016

Depending on the complexity and time it took to inventory your software and match licenses, you may at this stage want to review and possibly implement a few policies and procedures to make software asset management a little easier going forward. These can include:

Software acquisition process

If different departments or individuals have been acquiring software licenses on their own, you may be missing out on volume discounts. Acquiring software this way also makes it difficult to track exactly what licenses you have. A centralized procurement procedure that prevents this will save you time and money.

Software use policies

As a result of your inventory you may discover software has been installed that you were completely unaware of. This can lead to many problems, from security risks to under-licensing. A Software use policy can prevent this unauthorized software by introducing an approval process for installing new software so that you can keep track of your software and licenses at all times.



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