Is Windows Enterprise and VDA Roaming Rights Being Replaced by Windows USL?

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by | March 2, 2016

“Roaming Rights for Windows Enterprise and Windows VDA is being discontinued as of either January 31, 2017 or the end of a Customer’s existing Enrollment or Agreement term, whichever is later.” – Microsoft 2016.

These rights allow the primary user of a device licensed for Windows with Software Assurance (SA) to access a VDI desktop on a third party-owned device used off the customer’s premises. The Product Terms guide confirms on page 43 that customers with active SA for Windows Enterprise or VDA retain Roaming Rights until either the end of their agreement or January 31, 2017 – whichever comes later.

Roaming Use Rights defined

Roaming Use Rights is an SA benefit that permits the Primary User of a Licensed Device certain access and use rights. The Primary User may use a Qualifying Third Party Device to:



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