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by | February 6, 2017

Peter Beruk, ISO working group 21 (the group responsible for the development of the ISO 19770 SAM standard) editor is “ITAM Channel editor of the month, so stay tuned for articles and more from the world of standards.

First the ITAM Channel had the pleasure to interview Peter Beruk on the subject of working with ISO, the importance of standards and also to share some of his experiences from working in the field for many years.

It’s very interesting to learn about the work carried out in this group and not at least why standards is of such significant importance to the industry both from a publisher side and from the user side.

The interview was recorded and is available here:


In the second article Peter goes more into the  value and value goal of SAM and how organizations work with maturity models. Further Peter also looks into the ISO certification programs and ask for your feed-back and thoughts on certification.

Youtube video from the ITAM Conference 2016 in London on ISO standards

Related article from Jason Keogh, 1E on the ISO 19770-3 standard


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