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by | February 9, 2017

The Irish Computer Society launched its IT Asset Management Foundation course on March 29th 2017. The course run in association with ITAMOrg and is an international-level certification. The course is based on IT Service Management best practices and ISO standards 55000 and 19770 and adheres to the e-Competence Framework.

The information below will illustrate the effectiveness of ITAM and how it can help you optimise your IT infrastructure.

As IT becomes more complex through mobility, cloud technology, big data, and cyber security, a knowledge of IT Asset Management will enable you to maintain control, leading to risk/ cost reduction and improved business value/ stability. If you want to learn the value of what you have, and how to anticipate your needs and adapt to change in a complex IT environment, this is definitely the best start.

Course content focuses on four key ITAM areas: Software, Hardware & Mobile, Services & Cloud, People & Information. These are all important assets, and learning how they interoperate is vital. Given the scope of ITAM, the course is suited for those working directly with the technology (IT departments) and those responsible for managing it (CFOs, IT administrators).

Previous attendees have given plenty of feedback on the course:

As a result of the course, we are more aware of the interaction between the ITAM areas and how they can affect each other. To the clear benefit of the organisation we now pay more attention to the impact changes in our own area can have on other areas. For instance, if a technician adds a new virtual SQL server to the system, he will be aware of the licensing consequences and the need to share this information with the rest of us involved in ITAM. I can strongly recommend this course to anyone who can benefit from a stronger insight in the ITAM workflow in their organisation and an
understanding of the ITAM areas and how they relate. In this sense, the course can contribute to a proactive approach instead of a reactive approach when we face ITAM issues. (Lasse Løye Meldgaard, Agency for Governmental IT Services, Denmark)

Next open course: Dublin – September 6-7.


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