IT service management could be the secret hero of enterprise technology

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by | April 27, 2015

IT service management (ITSM) is never going to be the most exciting aspect of the technology world, despite the banners, beers and bikinis at industry events.

ITSM is effectively the logistics and processes that govern the delivery of IT services, and lacks the glamour of topics such as machine learning, wearables and the Internet of Things.

V3 noticed at Knowledge 15 in Las Vegas, an event run by service management technology firm ServiceNow, that the company’s chief executive, Frank Slootman, (pictured), did not speak about the approach to ITSM with the same vigour as Microsoft boss Satya Nadella when he explained the company’s empowerment ethos.

But ITSM and wider service management might just be an area where technology can really transform a company under the surface.

Requests such as wanting a bulb changed, booking a meeting room or getting a laptop requires employees in many enterprises to send an email request or phone the appropriate department.

This often leads to being bounced around the business if the request is not immediately straightforward and can be handled by one department.



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