What Your ITSM Vendor Isn’t Telling You About Their Licensing Model—and Why It Matters

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by | March 18, 2016

Although named licensing might feel easy, safe, and predictable, it can cost between 50-75 percent more than concurrent licensing, which also offers a more flexible approach.

Rewind to 1989, when I was a 4th grader learning long division for the first time. Like most grade school kids, I wondered why I needed to learn division when this wonderful machine called a calculator could solve these problems for me. Being the bold and adventurous (read: snarky) child I was, I raised my hand and asked Ms. Thorpe that very question.

“Because Jarod – if you don’t understand what you are trying to figure out and how the numbers relate to the problem you’re trying to solve, the calculator is useless,” she explained.  “If nothing else, learn this math so you can take care of your money. One day you’re going to be an enterprise software decision maker, and some vendor is going to try to sell you more licenses than you need, and you’ll be unable to recognize the trap and how it will diminish the investment you promised the business.”

SOURCE: cherwell.com


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