Do You Know what Golf and Software Monetization Have In Common?

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by | April 15, 2016

For hacks like me, this past weekend spent watching the Masters was an amazing spectacle to behold. These guys are so good, and so many aspects of their game are developed to near-perfection.

Not unlike the professionals I have my own aspiration in golf, albeit less challenging than winning a green jacket: to win my local club championship. It’s an attainable goal that will take focused work in some key areas, as anyone that has played with me can attest 🙂

To reach my goal I have to achieve a certain level of competency in some key areas including ball striking and putting. I can’t “boil the ocean” and take on every area all at once, and like many of you I have real constraints like having a day job.

The same approach applies when we talk to software producers about accomplishing their business goals. We often hear producers say things like “we need to boost revenue, better understand our customers, improve efficiencies” and more. Those all sound great, but we ask them as you should ask yourself – what specific steps will you take to get there?



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