LANDESK Named as a Champion Vendor in the 2016 IT Asset Management Vendor Landscape Report

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by | July 11, 2016

LANDESK, the global leader in user-centered IT management, today announced that it has been recognized as a champion in the IT Asset Management Vendor Landscape report by the Info-Tech Research Group. LANDESK’s inclusion as one of six champions underscores its exceptional platform capabilities and usability to IT executives and asset managers.

Info-Tech Research Group named LANDESK as a champion because of its high scores against the group’s evaluation rubric, particularly in offering excellent value and trendsetting tools within the IT asset management (ITAM) industry. The report also highlighted LANDESK’s offering of broad integrated capabilities, including IT service management, mobile device management, client management, configuration management database (CMDB) and 11 other evaluation criteria, and its strong reputation and market presence in the enterprise.

“We are thrilled that Info-Tech Research Group has recognized LANDESK as an industry leader and recommended our IT asset management suite to both IT and Sourcing/Procurement professionals,” said Steve Daly, CEO of LANDESK. “LANDESK offers the most comprehensive IT and software asset management software out there, and we love that prominent influencers are pointing IT and finance leaders our way.”

LANDESK scored higher in feature capabilities than any other vendor evaluated. It was also the only vendor to have all features fully present within its platform, from data transfer to mapping to desktop management. Its product was particularly noted as performing inventory reporting with unparalleled levels of detail and giving thorough end-to-end processes to IT technicians and managers.

“Info-Tech Research Group Vendor Landscapes help enterprise IT decision-makers identify a short list of vendors for their IT programs depending on their needs. Our daily interactions with clients inform and shape our evaluations, from the scoring criteria right down to the vendors that are included,” said Stephen Wuytenburg of Info-Tech Research Group. “LANDESK’s inclusion and placement in the report are a testament to its relevance to our clients’ needs.”

Info-Tech Research Group’s 2016 ITAM vendor report helps IT professionals identify and formalize their managing assets and provides options for improvement. In its more than 20 years as a flourishing industry, some ITAM platforms are unable to keep up with the pace of technology and business change. LANDESK, however, has continued to innovate and offer compelling solutions that meet the needs of both small and large organizations in many industries and geographies.

For more information, please visit For complimentary access to the report, please visit 2016 IT Asset Management Vendor Landscape Report.


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