Closing the Software Compliance Gap

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by | November 12, 2014

Every company should know what software they’re running but surprisingly less than half the world’s IT managers can confidently say that all of their software is properly licensed, leaving their networks open to security threats.

A recent BSA | The Software Alliance report highlights this shocking fact and reiterates the importance of having a better ordered house. IT managers cite security as the main reason for running licensed software. In spite of this concern, in 2013 60% of all software used in India remained unlicensed with the Asia-Pacific zone bigger offenders with 62% use of unlicensed software. This is a huge problem.

Organisations fear the loss of customer data and intellectual property are risked from access to networks via unlicensed software – coupled with the potential public relations nightmare that such a loss would attract – the fallout can be horrendous for the offending company. But this is not just limited to companies – governments and other organisations are equally at risk from attack via unlicensed software.

Software asset management (SAM) is your saviour. The BSA report highlighted that only 35% of companies have formal SAM policies in place, implementing one is essential. The basics should include:

*A formal written policy
*Employee SAM engagement and training
*Suitable SAM software to assist with monitoring asset use

SAM gives you clarity and control over your software use and confidence when facing a vendor audit.


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