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by | June 24, 2015

As part of this month’s SAMPanel debate, we are very happy to welcome back to the discussion Libby Phillipps, Marketing and Events Co-ordinator with License Dashboard, who we asked, ‘What will be the impact of Cloud migration on SAM?’

Below was her response

SAM is now an integral part of any well-run organisation, assisting in reducing cost and risk and increasing operational productivity. Until now, it’s been seen as a framework that controls a company’s deployed software compliance and that Cloud computing will mitigate the need for SAM – those that believe this are in for a shock. SAM is an essential requirement for managing the new complex concepts of cloud and even though it has to adapt, SAM is still a necessary requirement when a company moves to the Cloud.

Don’t get me wrong, cloud computing does solve some licensing compliance challenges, but there is no doubt that it also creates its own. Cloud environments can be provisioned and accessed in minutes, so it’s prone to significant risk caused by end users bypassing traditional procurement and deployment rules and ultimately leading to software usage being over distributed or abused. In addition, with limited access to usage information, many organisations over-subscribe to services, which leads to licensing costs spiralling out of control.

SAM must quickly adapt in order to manage these new risks and ensure total cost of ownership is effectively monitored and controlled. Organisations need to monitor and control issues such as sharing user accounts, unauthorised users’ (i.e. contractors and customers) access and overpaying for services that are not used. Other technical advancements, such as bring your own device (BYOD), must also be included in the SAM scope, ensuring that access to Cloud services via tablet or other mobile devices is effectively tracked and licensed correctly.

In addition to end user challenges, SAM must consider any liability from the environments in which the Cloud services are delivered, ensuring that the licensing implications have been fully considered. Many Cloud based solutions want the organisation to subscribe to the infrastructure required to deliver the Cloud service, with costs being calculated based on the underlying hardware consumed (i.e. processor, virtual processor, cores). Without monitoring the hardware usage, your organisation runs the risk of being exposed to significant cost implications.

With most vendors now offering hybrid software license agreements (a mixture of on premise and online services) the complexity of managing the organisation’s compliance has significantly increased. Again, if this isn’t managed and controlled, your organisation could become financially exposed and any benefits from migrating to Cloud, will be surpassed by the risks generated through misuse and oversubscription!

SAM is an essential part of your transition to the Cloud. The benefits far exceed the costs of any implementation required to monitor and control these assets. Without it, you will simply spend more and lose control of how the services are being accessed and by whom.

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