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by | February 4, 2016

Livingstone, the leading provider of SAM managed services today officially launched a new IAITAM accredited Software Asset Management (SAM) training capability. The first in the series, which is taking place on 11th February 2016, is the Certified Software Asset Manager course. The full training programme which runs through 2016 is headed up by Chris Minchin, head of Livingstone’s SAM implementation and training division. (See website for full course details).

Chris commented,

“The Livingstone training courses cover the entire spectrum of SAM functions including Vendor Audit defence, Entitlement Management, Process Assessment as well as Software and Hardware Audit. To ensure we provide the optimum teacher to student ratio, we limit the number of attendees at each session. We strongly believe that this approach will mean all of the participants will derive maximum benefit from our SAM training programs which are being delivered by arguably the most experienced, and best qualified trainers available in the market today. Our flexible approach provides our ‘students’ with options, as they can either attend at our designated training facilities within the Livingstone offices, or alternatively courses can be tailored to provide a bespoke training experience on a client’s own premises.”

Daniel Simpson, CEO of Livingstone said,

“Livingstone is constantly looking for ways to better support the diverse needs of our growing customer base. These days finding well trained, skilled SAM professionals together with staff retention issues are major concerns for most businesses, and as a result, access to proven, quality training resources are high on the agenda. The IAITAM accredited SAM qualifications are much sought after by both individuals and businesses alike, and many organisations have been able to achieve measurable ROI as a result of their participation. Our new training service has been launched to help fulfil this important requirement and we look forward to welcoming customers, both old and new, over the coming months.”



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