by | April 25, 2016

Software audits have become an inevitability, but how ready are you to deal with one?

As sure as there’s software, there’ll be audits. And given that software can account for more than a third of an organization’s IT spend, software auditing has become big business. Software vendors today are extremely active in auditing whether or not you have the entitlement to use the licenses you are believed to be consuming. Revenue-motivated, they will pounce on any disparity, giving the vendor the opportunity to sell you ever more licenses as well as invoke punitive penalty changes.

For Software Asset Managers, audits represent disruption, pressure and unbudgeted cost. A vendor audit can be a very costly exercise to the enterprise given the sheer volume of information that is required, and the time taken alone is hugely significant given the information to be collected, such as platform and vendor independent reports, vendor specific reports, usage and entitlement mapping etc.



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